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The Great Gatsby Book Review

Hi, Page Turner here. Today is the third book in the 30 series on “15 Books Every Person Should Read.” Yesterday was about The Giver by Louis Lowry. Today I’m going to be writing about The Great Gatsby. A beloved, gritty classic about the 1920s, I read this book a few years agoand have been captured by its message ever since. I hope you enjoy today’s book review! The Great Gatsby—a Book Review
The 1920s, dubbed the Roaring Twenties, has captured the imaginations of generations. Twinkling lights, flapper dresses, jazz, and Downton Abbey-esque dinner parties have all been general characterizations of this time period. Add in some speak-easy bars, some romance and mystery, and a trip to the cinema in the family automobile to complete the picture.
This appeal has drawn many to The Great Gatsby, a timeless classic set in the Roaring Twenties. The novel is told by the point of view of fictional character Nick Caraway, a young man staying in New York City. Once there, he meets an interesting…


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The Giver

Hi, Page Turner here again! I am here again to write about my next book on the 30 day journey of 15 Fiction Books Every Person Should Read (a book every two days). I think that books are a blessing God has given us to love Him more, be creative, and be inspired. I love reading, and hope you enjoy these books!
      Yesterday's book was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Today, I'll be writing about The Giver. I read this book in 9th grade and was completely immersed in Jonas' world. While I understood the deeper allegory behind this deeply-stirring book, it wasn't until this year that God fully connected the dots I had read in The Giver.  This book has deeply affected my life-- I hope you enjoy this book review, and give The Giver a try sometime this summer!
The Giver--a Book Review
 Jonas’ world was crashing apart. It was career day in the Community, the day when Jonas and his friends were assigned jobs. Jonas was in shock. The woman at the front of the auditorium at skipp…

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Book 1

Hi, all! Page Turner here! I hope you are having a great summer! I like to read a lot, and one of my very favorite books is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. While a sad book, it is one of those works of literature that you feel has profoundly changed your life. I hope you enjoy this first review, and read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas sometime this summer! 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas--A Review 
       The horrible events of the past seem like horrors that will never be repeated in the present. After all, the world must have learned its lesson concerning different atrocities. People join in with author John Boyne as he writes,“Of course all this happened a long time ago and nothing like that could ever happen again. Not in this day and age.”
      The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, written by John Boyne, is a historical novel about a fictional family in World War II. Eight-year-old Bruno moves with his family to a new house. It’s located at a place he calls Out-With, where his fa…

Back Again

Hi, all! Page Turner here! I hope that everyone is having a great summer! One of the things that I am really excited about this summer is reading. With school and everything else going on, I haven't made time to read a book in a really, really long while. I feel like God gave us books, and that reading the right books can be a blessing in our lives. They can inspire us to be creative, teach us lessons, inspire us to love one another, and move our hearts to both a greater understanding and a greater love for our Savior. I feel like a few hours with a good book are a great use of time--and I plan to be doing just that this summer!
      Over the next few months, I really hope to revisit some old books as well as some new ones. I know I can't read all of them, but I also hope to at least take a thoughtful review of some books that I feel God has used to impact my life. That's why I've made a non-definitive list of 15 Fiction Books Everyone Should Read.
      Of co…

Calling All Lego Lovers!

Hi, Page Turner here. It's been a while. I suppose I just haven't had a lot to write about. :) There is, however, something important to write about today.

     If you're a fan of Lego, science fiction, or just enjoy an awesome plane model, I have some really cool news. Take a look:

This elegant Lego design is called the The U.S.S. Martin. It is a Lego set featuring two large engines in the rear (see figure 2) made from blue Lego parts.
     Within this carrier lies hidden guns for defense when the crew is confronted from surly space pirates or other threats.
     In the front (see figure 1) lies bulbous cockpit that, in emergency situations, transforms into an eject-able escape pod. The rear of the cargo carrier unfolds to form a ramp, where the happy crew is loading for flight. 
The U.S.S. Martin is covered with sleek maroon and grey paneling and dotted with vents for heat distribution. It's the perfect space carrier for adventures to distant galaxies (or just…

The Point

Hi, Page Turner here! It's been a long time since my last post. :) I guess I just haven't really had a lot to say. That's not to say that important stuff hasn't been happening, though! I just haven't really been able to think of anything to write and put down.
 I've gone over a lot of my older posts, and I'm going to be honest. I've been writing this blog for almost two years and I've realized more and more how the posts have changed. (I've also noticed I don't use paragraphs enough:)
 I used to think blogging was about expressing yourself and getting your thoughts and opinions out there in a fun way that looks really cool. But as a Christian, blogging should be so much more than that. It should still be fun :) and it can definitely look cool!
 But my focus shouldn't be on how I can make myself heard because I want attention. I should be promoting my great King, Jesus! (Besides, who wants to read a blog that's completely obsessed abou…

Peace on Earth

Hi, Page Turner here! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas season! This season has seemed to blow by so fast with school work, shopping, movies, and cooking. It's only a few days until Christmas, and it feels as if we have just finished Thanksgiving.
 This Christmas, I don't know about you, but I've found it very easy to be distracted: television shows (Dr. Who, anyone?), gift-giving, buying, and wrapping; the stress of the holidays,  Christmas music the ensuing memories, both good and bad, Christmas traditions, gatherings, candy, Christmas programs, and, oh yeah,
SQUIRREL! Sometimes, I need help remembering the real reason for the season. My heart can feel discontent, sad, and burdened during the holiday season, as we all try to celebrate Christmas and combat stress. It's important to remember that no matter who you are, what kind of Christmas you are having, and no matter what's going on, Jesus is still the reason for the season: and the message is s…